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Important Notice

With the greatest regret we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the New Milton Music Festival and Gala Concert this weekend. We have reviewed the volunteer staffing levels, many of whom are in an at-risk health category, and concluded today that we can’t run the festival safely and in the manner that you would expect. We are also mindful of our responsibility not to exacerbate any risk of transmission of COVID-19 so would have been encouraging any performers or supporters in an at risk category not to attend. From the communications received this number has increased over the last two days.

We realise this is a huge disappointment to those who have put in hours of practice and preparation, and for all of those looking forward to a celebration of the last 20 years of music making in the festival’s name.

The Committee will review if there is any possibility to find a revised date and will advise in due course. Otherwise we will re-run the festival next year. Please bear with us as we review the best way of refunding entry fees. This will take a while to sort out.

Saturday 14th March at The Arnewood School

Classical Guitar and Plucked Strings

N.B. Participants should play a nylon strung guitar and provide their own footstools. The use of a capo is permitted in the elementary classes and in other classes only where it is appropriate to the period of the piece, or to reinstate the original pitch.

Guitar ensembles should enter the Mixed Ensembles group.

ClassDescriptionTime LimitClass
FP41 Classical Guitar - Rehearsal with Guitar section for 20th Anniversary Celebration Piece (to be performed at Gala) 30 mins N/A N/A
FP42 Ukulele - Rehearsal with Guitar section for 20th Anniversary Celebration Piece (to be performed at Gala) 30 mins N/A N/A
P21 Performance Platform. Junior Guitar and Plucked String Solo or Duet. No adjudication. Own choice. 5 mins £4.00 £3.50
P22 Performance Platform. Adult Guitar and Plucked String Solo or Duet. No adjudication. Own choice. 8 mins £4.00 £5.50
P25 Performance Platform. Guitar and Plucked String Ensemble. No adjudication. Own choice. 8 mins £8.00 N/A
40A Solo, Beginner. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
40B Solo, Grade 1. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
41A Solo, Grade 2. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
41B Solo, Grade 3. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
42A Solo, Grade 4. Own choice. 5 mins £5.50 £3.50
42B Solo, Grade 5. Own choice. 6 mins £5.50 £3.50
43A Solo, Grade 6. Own choice. 7 mins £5.50 £4.50
43B Solo, Grade 7. Own choice. 8 mins £5.50 £4.50
43C Solo, Grade 8. Own choice. 8 mins £5.50 £4.50
44 Duet, Elementary. Own choice. 4 mins £6.00 £3.50
45 Duet, Intermediate. Own choice. 5 mins £8.00 £3.50
46 Duet, Advanced. Own choice. 6 mins £8.00 £4.50
46A Trio/Ensemble. Own choice. 8 mins £9.00 £3.50
47 Solo, any plucked stringed instrument up to Grade 3. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
48 Solo, any plucked stringed instrument above Grade 3. Own choice. 6 mins £5.50 £3.50
49 Adult Open Class. Performance without adjudication. 8 mins £8.00 £5.50
49A Recital. Own choice(s). 15 mins £12.00 £9.50

Adjudicator - Michael Hulmes

Michael Hulmes lives in Poole and started to play the classical guitar when he was eleven. He gave his first public performance at the age of twelve and his first solo recital at the Poole Arts Centre just before his fifteenth birthday. He studied at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama and in Cardiff at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, where he studied with renowned British guitarist John Mills. In 1992, he gained a place in the string semi finals in the BBC Young Musician of the Year Competition. Michael has played live on BBC Radio Solent and BBC Radio Wales, as well as appearing on Welsh Channel 4. He made his national radio debut as part of the BBC Radio Two Young Musicians series. Since graduating, Michael has established himself as one of the most competent and popular classical guitar teachers in Dorset, as well as performing throughout the UK with duet partner Hayley Savage and in solo concerts and recitals. In 2001 he gave his first concert tour of Hawaii to coincide with the release of his fourth album �Solo�.

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