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Important Notice

With the greatest regret we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the New Milton Music Festival and Gala Concert this weekend. We have reviewed the volunteer staffing levels, many of whom are in an at-risk health category, and concluded today that we can’t run the festival safely and in the manner that you would expect. We are also mindful of our responsibility not to exacerbate any risk of transmission of COVID-19 so would have been encouraging any performers or supporters in an at risk category not to attend. From the communications received this number has increased over the last two days.

We realise this is a huge disappointment to those who have put in hours of practice and preparation, and for all of those looking forward to a celebration of the last 20 years of music making in the festival’s name.

The Committee will review if there is any possibility to find a revised date and will advise in due course. Otherwise we will re-run the festival next year. Please bear with us as we review the best way of refunding entry fees. This will take a while to sort out.

Saturday 14th March at The Arnewood School


ClassDescriptionTime LimitClass
FP50 Accordion Section Rehearsal for 20th Anniversary Celebration Piece (to be performed at Gala) 30 mins N/A N/A
P81 Performance Platform. Up to Grade 4 Accordion Solo or Duet. No adjudication. Own choice 5 mins £4.00 £3.50
P82 Performance Platform. Grade 5 and above Accordion Solo or Duet. No adjudication. Own choice 8 mins £4.00 £4.50
P85 Performance Platform. Accordion Ensemble any age or grade. No adjudication. Own choice performance. 8 mins £4.00 N/A
150A Solo, Grade 1. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
150B Solo, Grade 2. Own choice. 3 mins £4.00 £3.50
151A Solo, Grade 3. Own choice. 4 mins £4.00 £3.50
151B Solo, Grade 4. Own choice. 5 mins £5.50 £3.50
152A Solo, Grade 5. Own choice. 6 mins £5.50 £3.50
152B Solo, Grade 6. Own choice. 7 mins £5.50 £4.50
153A Solo, Grade 7. Own choice. 8 mins £5.50 £4.50
153B Solo, Grade 8. Own choice. 8 mins £5.50 £4.50
153C Solo Recital. Own choices. 15 mins £12.00 £9.50
154 Duet, Grades 1-2. Own Choice. 3 mins £6.00 £3.50
155 Duet, Grades 3-4. Own Choice. 4 mins £8.00 £3.50
156 Duet, Grades 5-6. Own Choice. 5 mins £8.00 £3.50
157 Duet, Grade 7 and above. Own Choice. 6 mins £8.00 £4.50
158 Group, Grades 1-2. Own Choice. 3 mins £9.00 N/A
159 Group, Grades 3-4. Own Choice. 4 mins £9.00 N/A
160 Group, Grades 5-6. Own Choice. 5 mins £9.00 N/A
161 Group, Grade 7 and above. Own Choice. 6 mins £9.00 N/A
162 Orchestra, Grades 1-2. Own Choice. 4 mins £12.00 N/A
163 Orchestra, Grades 3-4. Own Choice. 6 mins £12.00 N/A
164 Orchestra, Grades 5-6. Own Choice. 7 mins £12.00 N/A
165 Orchestra, Grade 7 and above. Own Choice. 10 mins £12.00 N/A
167 Show Band. Own Choice. 10 mins £12.00 N/A
168 Scottish Solo. Own Choice. 4 mins £5.50 £3.50
169 Polka Solo. Own Choice. 4 mins £5.50 £3.50
170 Musette Solo. Own Choice. 4 mins £5.50 £3.50
171 Solo, adult beginner. Own Choice. 3 mins £5.50 £5.50
172 Accordion with another instrument. Own Choice. 5 mins £8.00 £3.50
173 Entertainment Section, maximum six performers, at least one accordionist. Own choice. 10 mins £12.00 N/A

Adjudicator - Douglas Ward

Douglas has played the piano accordion for over 40 years, (for 17 years as a professional). In his youth, he won many accordion competitions in the UK. The instrument has taken him literally around the world, first as a bandleader aboard the large ocean liners Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, QE2, and more. For many years he's been involved in all accordion activities in England, as a teacher, adjudicator and composer, with over 50 compositions published, from elementary to virtuoso works. He wrote the History of the Accordion for the USA's Contemporary Keyboard magazine. He has adjudicated at the UK's National Accordion Organization's Accordion Day for several years, and also in the USA. He is now living in Barton-on-Sea.

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